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Author has written 79 stories for Smallville, Superman, Lois and Clark, Avatar, Terminator, Star Wars, Superman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Once Upon a Time, Mission: Impossible, New Girl, Thor, Beauty and the Beast, 2012, Flash, Supergirl, Man From U. I hope you like these stories, and don't forget my older stories. You know it's true what they say: Post series finale - Okay! The tribe will face peril and the Toruk will fly again! 4-I Had a Date ~ A happy ending most people wanted.5-Man of Steel - A Risk Worth Taking ~ A true Clark Kent/Superman & Lois Lane (CLOIS), my all-time favorite ship, rules around here guys and rightly so. Neytiri must find a way to live after tragic events transpire, and she must protect her unborn child and the Omaticaya from an new enemy, who they once counted as one of them.Written for the Westallen 'Prompt' Week on Tumblr (Jan. Maybe the producers felt we needed it or something. Iris and Barry's friendship takes on a new dimension, much to the dismay of her Father.Anyway, Episode 1.15 will have a Westallen 'first kiss.' I'm sure everyone is wondering about the context of the kiss; why they kissed and what led up to it. Also written for the Westallen 'Prompt' Week: Day #3 - Firsts. This story and chapters to follow will basically be a re-write of the episode (mostly Westallen) with missing scenes and flashbacks and/or flashforwards. There will probably be spoilers of prior events and upcoming or current episodes, so be warned.

In that story, there were quite a few original characters, a few of them were crucial to the plot. I decided to keep the scout ship interaction as a flashback (which is a missing scene), but the rest is all new. As more speculation about Clois, Lex, and Batman comes out, this is my take. You do not have to read it, but if you have seen the episodes Kent and Luthor, you will understand this story (most of it anyway). This is AU and takes place after 2.01 'Re-Launch.' Cece returns to the bar after everyone has gone and runs into Schmidt. I just added Chapter 2, picking up after the S2 finale. *so to speak* This takes place hours after Homecoming (10.04). It's also the third in a series of stories that began with 'Now or Never' then continued with 'Embracing Destiny,' and now I'm back with more Lois and Clark and their amazing family. Steve and Peggy will soon learn that in dreams and in love, nothing is impossible. The year is 3009 and Clark has just seen Lois Lane-Kent alive and well, but why now and what did it mean? Clark trying to find the answers to those questions. This is connected to 'The Search for Lois Lane.'Lois does the unthinkable with surprising results.

Rated for major angst and torture scenes, but doesn't have any bad language or...awkward situations. Set after the events of SII, Lois Lane's memories return, leaving her to struggle alone with events now revealed, as well as two little secrets she never imagined. But when Superman reappears on Earth, can they repair what they've lost? The First Annual Westallen Smut Week, written in June, 2015; I'm adding it here for my readers for the first time.

The challenge, set up as prompts for seven days in a row, but instead of separate stories, each chapter will have a different prompt. Kara and James are obviously at a turning point in their lives.

The story continues years later in Metropolis after the Kryptonian attacks. It came about by a Tumblr photo-set to stir my Muse into writing a Mo S Lois and Clark fiction (which will be my seventh by the way)! In this story, Clark is on the fence about Lois, so she takes matters into her own hands. Man of Steel (2013) & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The story continues with more adventures in Gotham City also meeting Bruce Wayne. Batman v Superman (2016), also a sequel to Man of Steel: A Risk Worth Taking. Lois could not decide whether to ask him out or bombard him with questions. (AU) Tess Luthor and Oliver Queen meet again under unique circumstances. After Clark's incredibly hectic first day, Lois and Clark finally get a chance to talk. This is a story about redemption, so I'm going to ask my readers not to put this Clois in a mold (Clark Luthor/Alt: Lois Lane).

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Growing up with Superman on my television for decades solidified my love for superheroes, movies about superheroes, and of course, television shows about superheroes. 2-You Opened My Eyes ~ A one shot still holding strong.3-Man of Steel - Stolen Moments ~ A fun read (mostly)! But who believes it's really him and where has he been all this time? Lois suffers writer's remorse from her Pulitzer winning article. Milton Fine's the new owner @ the Planet and seems to have an obsesion for detroying Clark's life from within.