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Diet education shopping music dating electronics cell

In the business world, declining metrics like this are referred to as a “death spiral.” How long will it take before dramatic changes are made?At what point will layoffs begin, assets be sold, or mergers be considered?In 1791 when Mozart died, his 29-year-old wife, Constanze Weber, was forced to earn a living, so she began selling her late husband’s manuscripts and turned the former messy paper scraps lying around the house into a tidy income stream.Lucky for her, she lived after Gutenberg’s printing revolution had begun in Europe allowing her to leverage the power of rapid reproducibility.At the same time many new opportunities will begin to surface, and future-learning centers will make use of former college facilities.

In fact, the anti-education crowd is very small, and those questioning the cost of education have only become vocal during the past few years.Embracing the Digital Era Over the past decade, the number of people reading printed newspapers, visiting retail stores, and using direct mail have fallen sharply.At the same time, the amount of news consumed on a daily basis has risen sharply, the overall level of retail sales has continued to increase, and person-to-person communications through email, social media, texting, and other forms of digital communications has exploded around us.This coupled with long term bonds and other obligation will create a growing mountain of debt.As less expensive schools with extensive online capabilities begin to “steal” students, several colleges will engage in a pricing war to “keep their numbers up.” Many will spend heavily on marketing to change their image and boost enrollment.

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How many colleges or universities will have the ability to reinvent themselves as this is occurring?

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