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Daniel Hotlzclaw was disabused of this power when he pulled over the wrong the woman, however.Jannie Ligons, a 57-year-old grandmother, also survived an encounter with Holtzclaw. Unlike many of the other victims, she had a support system: she was supported by her daughters and her community.Three of Holtzclaw’s victims delivered impact statements at the January 2016 sentencing hearing—including his youngest victim who was just 17 years old at the time of her assault.She told the court about the great damage she experienced, revealing the her life “has been upside down.”At least thirteen women came forward to accuse Holtzclaw of sexual assault.And when the accused is a person in a position of power, such as a police officer, it can be even harder for survivors to get due process.It was this very circumstance that Daniel Holtzclaw was counting on.Warman had filmed the videos himself on his mobile phone.

A similar case happened in Baltimore, where poor Black women were targets of sexual assault: “20 women who filed a lawsuit against the Housing Authority of Baltimore City are splitting a settlement worth almost million.Many of the women had not reported the assault for fear of reprisals or fear-later confirmed by the jury's failure to find Holtzclaw guilty on all 36 of the criminal charges brought against him-that they would not be believed.At a preliminary hearing in the case, the 17-year old survivor explained her reasoning, “Who are they going to believe? He’s a police officer.”This notion of “he said, she said” is a fairly common argument used to discount sexual assault survivors.He picked out very specific targets: women who were poor, Black, and who, in several cases, had run-ins with the police because of drugs and sex work.Because of their backgrounds these women would not make credible witnesses against him.

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