Plenty of fish dating site usa

Posted by / 01-Jun-2016 08:10

No men would waste their time chatting them up in a bar but on the internet they lose touch with reality hence the Lamborghini/Chevvy comparison POF has a lot of unintelligent people.

Way too many netspeak-users and cliche-ridden profiles.

I was last on this site in 2011 and although wasn't great then it wasn't that bad and the women seemed ok and replied.

Fast forward to 2018 and wow it's truly horrible.

So stop posting thinking you're a catch when you should have settled down years ago.

A woman in a black bikini next to a swimming pool I remembered.

So unless she's Peter Pan she's using the same photo from 6 years ago.

All in all, POF is populated by scammers and not in my opinion a legit dating site. It must be all the people from wejustfit or whatever it is coming on here giving it great marks but also using it to promote their site This site is full of women who think they're brand new Lamborghinis when in fact they're 30 year old Chevvys with rust and due for the scrap yard The women constantly complain about men only wanting one thing but don't seem to get dressing your main photo as a pouting bikini shot isn't going to get any decent men messaging them They're all stuck up and seem to think they are way better than they actually are.

I hope the internet breaks and then they have to put the hard yards in the real world.

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Of the 2 1 is definitely good looking but has no interest in anything but hitting the sheets and are masaganist at heart, the other 1 out of two are lushes and half the time would probably use a sheep or what ever else they can get their penises into. For the few real guys that are legit, woman are so worn out they have probably given up on finding some one real and would make good marriage or even dating material.