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It was created and written by novelist Daisy Goodwin, who studied the Queen and her namesake era at Cambridge.Goodwin aims to be as factual as possible in her depiction—but then again, as she acknowledged to , “I am writing a historical drama. But I have tried to keep it close to my vision of who Victoria was.”That vision is of a woman far more openly passionate and conventionally modern than the dour doyenne we think we know.D writes, “And all is right because she loves him and he loves her.The rest is just detail.”Some viewers, of course, will prefer the detail.(which premieres Sunday night on PBS, and has already aired in the U. Unless, that is, she is still single and recovering from her break-up with the King in the North—I mean, alum Richard Madden, a.k.a. Fact and fiction collide in the tabloid stories surrounding this popular British period drama—and within it. These days, British tabloids believe Coleman is actually dating her co-star, Tom Hughes, who plays her husband, Prince Albert, on the series.Goodwin fills the series with historical context, through both socio-cultural story lines (the Chartists movement for equal suffrage, the introduction of gas lighting, Charles Dickens) and design (dresses and uniforms based on actual clothing, elaborate court dances, and no fewer than four heritage Yorkshire homes to meet your estate-porn needs).On a scale of documentary to may land closer to the latter—leaning on melodrama to soap-opera effect, and turning its protagonist into a romance-novel heroine.

Lord M, as the queen referred to him in her diaries, was prime minister at the time of her accession.He quickly became her trusted confidant and mentor.About 40 years her senior, Melbourne has traditionally been understood as a father figure for the young Victoria, who lost her own father at a young age. In the first episodes, before Albert arrives, Victoria chases Lord M, professing her love.“She’s not as far away from us as you might imagine,” says Goodwin, “apart from the fact that she had no access to contraception, the poor woman, which made her life a misery, because she loved sex but not its consequences.”, we meet the young monarch the day she learns she will take the throne.This is also when she escapes from beneath the thumbs of her mother and her mother’s adviser, John Conroy. She’s Taylor Swift, but she’s a queen.”It’s true that the series has majorly connected with viewers across the pond: it received a second-season order less than a month after its premiere, and consistently topped ratings on Sunday nights, beating a formidable competitor in BBC’s popular period drama .

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