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gpedit the relevant policy is still correct: The problem is that in the Update section, under Settings it shows the following: So it's clearly stated that download and installation will be executed without user intervention.

Also Active hours button is also displayed, but I have never had this before Anniversary update.

Dave So, does it mean that windows update group policy setting actually takes effect, but it simply doesn't show up in windows settings?

Another question; I clicked on check for updates and it found one, BUT it did not show me an "install" button and immediately started downloading and installing. Until we get some updates, I cannot tell if the GP Edit setting is still in effect.

Dear all I have windows 10 pro and I have edited the group policy for windows update and has set it to notify me to download.

My problem is that after a few days windows automatically download updates and install them though I had set it to...

While these changes can be seen in in the group policy editor, they are not showing as changed in a dumpsec report.

other times only the desktop will load and the documents, start menu, pictures etc...

gpupdate /force /wait:100 Where did you do those changes? As this is possible only there using GPO (or if you have disabled Default Domain Policy and configured your own).

Please check an article on my blog for password policy at if you wish to have another password policies, you need to have Windows Server 2008 domain functional level and you may use Fine Grained Password Policies Regards, Krzysztof Made the changes on friday - so certainly it's had enough time to replicate.

Having updated to 1607 last night and rechecked GPEDIT I could not understand why I was not seeing the "Some settings are managed by your organisation" message in Windows Update.

Hopefully it is only that message that has changed. The idea of fixed hours in this day and age is laughable.

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Ive configured the workstations to use the server for dns and connected them to the domain successfully. The web browsers of all machines including the server take ages to resolve the host sometimes the pages dont load correctly and need refreshing.

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