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Since I can remember we'd just go into the city and have dinner, meet him, whatever.I worked for him in several capacities in high school, in the city.

So I ended up doing a lot of things, like writing projects and reading, all of that stuff that correlated around the same topics.

Amos: You said that something happened in middle school that made you switch. Basically the rest of the population either ignored me or just teased me a lot. I didn't cry coming home, that kind of thing, I was just over it. I don't really understand why I have to put up with this kind of crap.” I just sorta felt that it was a waste of my time, in some aspects, to go to school and have to deal with that and have it get in the way of what school is for.

That was my thought process back then, but if I look back on it, it was a character strengthening thing, I was just over it. Amos: At the time you were considering home schooling, did you consider going to a smaller private school, or a religious school? Assad: We had those, but I wanted to home school because I felt pretty confident that I could do pretty well with a curriculum and some room to think. I don't think that we had the money for private school.

Then we lived in Jersey City, New Jersey and then South Plainfield, New Jersey and then Scotch Plains, New Jersey, where I lived until I was 18. Amos: For your dad, if he was originally from Syria, did he come to America at a young age or when he was older? He came with his family, they were trying to start over in the country where they could find more opportunities.

Basically, when I was 7 to 18 I lived in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Assad: Yeah, it's like North-Central, about 30 miles West of New York City, in Union County. Amos: If your dad was going to bible conference at that time, did that mean he came to America as a Christian? Amos: When you were growing up, that was a Protestant environment? Amos: Can you tell me more about growing up in New Jersey?

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Birthdate – July 1st, 1983 Birthplace – Secaucus, New Jersey Evan Amos: So you were born in Secaucus, New Jersey, but did you live there up until you were 18? well, we lived in a few cities when I was in New Jersey. Assad: They met at a bible conference at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, when my mom was very young, 14, I think.

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